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Celebrate love on Valentine’s

Tuesday is the day we are supposed toshower our special person with love.

    And when I say love, what I really mean is flowers, cards, candiesand gifts.

    Valentine’s Day is really commercialized, but it is a day set asideto celebrate with our loved ones.

    My husband, Dennis, and I don’t have any set plans for Valentine’sDay.

    We’ll probably end up going out to eat somewhere nice that weusually don’t go. As for the flowers, cards, candies and gifts -we’ve decided to forego most of that stuff, too. A card willsuffice. Although flowers would be nice, too. And candy would becool, as long as it’s not chocolate. I don’t like chocolate, unlessit’s white chocolate, which really isn’t chocolate, but that’s awhole different column.

    I guess going out to eat will give me a reason to dress up, too. Imight even make Dennis wear a tie. It could be like a real date. Wedon’t do that very often anymore.

    I remember when going out to eat was a special occasion. Now ahome-cooked meal signifies our special occasions – or at least itseems to be that way.

    If we don’t do it any other time of the year, on Valentine’s Day weshould all stop for a few minutes and remember what made us fall inlove with our special person, and appreciate all of the good thingsthey represent to us.

    Valentine’s has become one of those holidays that stirs a varietyof feelings.

    Some people absolutely love the day. But I’ve noticed that some ofmy single friends absolutely hate the day, while the married onesare pretty indifferent. I’m afraid that Dennis and I probably fallin the latter category.

    I think it’s the single-but-dating people, who are really the onesthat Valentine’s Day is for, and maybe newlyweds.

    The first few years after Dennis and I were married we went all outon Valentine’s Day. He would buy me a new book and a card, and I’dget him a really cool card and candy. Some years he’d even buy metwo cards – a funny one and a serious one.

    Valentine’s Day was always stressful to me when I was in gradeschool. I was afraid I wouldn’t receive any Valentine’s in mydecorated paper bag taped to the front of my desk. I was alsoafraid I would get a “special” Valentine from someone and be reallyembarrassed. I didn’t want any unwanted attention in elementaryschool.

    Hearts are associated with Valentine’s Day and one year when I was3 or 4, I learned to make hearts with construction paper bywatching “Romper Room.” So I was an expert at cutting out hearts bythe time I reached first grade, which came in handy since we madeour own Valentine’s back then. Now they’re store-bought.

    When my children were little the rules about giving Valentine’schanged. They were sent home with a list of each child’s name intheir class and they were expected to give every student aValentine. No exceptions.

    Jeremy and Liana used to bring home bags of candy and cards eachValentine’s Day. They would have a class party, and get lots ofgoodies from the room mothers. Since it’s been a long time sinceeither of them has been in grade school, I’m not sure if thispractice is still in effect or not.

    I don’t expect a lot of “stuff” for Valentine’s Day. I’ll be happyto just spend it with my special person.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Dennis! You’re my best friend and I love youvery much!

    And how was your week?

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