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Pots and pans of panic

     I never knew that registering for wedding gifts could be so overwhelming.

     The extent of my cookware knowledge is, “I don’t want a nonstick skillet, ’cause all I had in college was that cheapo one that you’d have to soak for two days to get clean.”

     So I walked into Belk with my fiancé a little nervous about picking out cookware and other kitchen items, but fairly confident that I knew what I wanted: nonstick. Then, it happened. I saw all the brands, all the appliances, the non-stick, the anodized, the aluminum, the cast iron, the stainless steel. Did I want Cuisinart or Calphalon? Biltmore or Emerilware? And why are there so many food processors? And what do I even use that for? I just want NON-STICK!

     Jacob was no help. He just liked an item if it wasn’t too shiny. It was too much. I had no idea what I was doing. The room got smaller and the casserole dishes got bigger. So I called my mother.

     My voice quivered. I told her I needed her help. I was turning in the scanner and she could come back with me another time. I told her not to come – that I was leaving. I knew she was working and I didn’t want her to have to drive all the way to McComb, but she was already on her way. And she called my fiancé to tell him to keep me at the mall, to not let me leave.

     But I wanted to leave. I didn’t want to go back in there. Not that day. I just wanted to go home. I had begun to cry because I was so overwhelmed. I’m very independent and like to be able to do things on my own. I like to feel in control. But I wasn’t in control. Those darn skillets were.

     Because I rode with Jacob, there was no escape. So I just made up my mind that I wasn’t going back in there and no one could make me. He wouldn’t leave per Mama’s instructions, so I hurried away to different stores, avoiding that dark towering storefront…Belk.

     Mama arrived and found me. She was determined and I was determined. I was NOT going back in there. Not today. I didn’t want to face the boiling pots of anxiety again. I wanted to come another day…a new day…a fresh day. I had made up my mind.

     But then I felt bad. She had driven all the way there. As stubborn as I am, I let her finally talk me into just looking. And then the next thing I knew, that dreaded scanner was in my hand and I was aiming at bar codes. Mama would say, “Oh, you need this.” And I would say, “What is it?”

     I was angry at myself for giving in. I never give in. But eventually, I was relieved that it was done. And now, I’ve been viewing my registry online, adding things to my list, although I can’t seem to find a wooden rolling pin, much to Jacob’s relief. Maybe wedding gift shopping isn’t so bad after all.

     The lesson I learned? There are A LOT of kitchen gadgets out there. They’ve even got egg crackers and avocado slicers. One day, they’re going to come up with a kitchen robot that uses the egg crackers and avocado slicers for you.

     Maybe one day I’ll be a cookware connoisseur, but for now, I’ll stick to shoe shopping.

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