School days here again

Published 3:27 pm Friday, August 16, 2013

School is officially fully back in session. I remember the days of heavy backpacks, the embarrassment of walking into the wrong classroom, braces and bad hair. Kids these days seem to be cuter than I was. My junior high track picture depicted an 89-pound bean pole with bad cowlicks and crooked teeth – not to mention, I was squinting from the sun…I have a feeling Daddy is going to hunt this picture down for my wedding rehearsal dinner slideshow. I plan on finding it before he does.

Elementary school is the best because of recess and naptime. I loved elementary school at West Lincoln. I loved reading and writing. My MoMo and me spent a lot of time at the Lincoln County Library looking through all the blue dot books. The books with the blue dot stickers were for little kids. I think I read every blue dot book in the library. Not much has changed. I still love children’s books and I still love naptime.

I don’t, however, miss math classes. I envy these kids who are math whizzes. When learning how to tell time in third grade, Daddy had to stay up with me until late in the night, trying to help me understand a clock for a test the next day. Numbers. They get me every time. I still prefer the digital clock on my phone. The sad thing is, neither my fiancé, Jacob, nor I am skilled in mathematics. Our future children will be sent to grandpa for any math homework help.

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Writing papers in college is also not missed. I love to write, but writing an 18-page paper on Plato’s theory of forms is not my idea of fun. No room for creativity there. Although, I’d take Plato over trigonometry any day. My fiancé recently handed over his finances for me to take care of while he’s away working. I don’t think he knows about my number problem. Oh well. He does now.

Numbers weren’t my only struggle in school. Most students who are right-brained thinkers aren’t usually talented in the science area, either – not to mention I have an extremely weak stomach; therefore, in biology, when the dead pig was brought out to be dissected, I thought I was going to throw up and pass out at the same time. The kind teacher let me watch from a distance.

Whether struggling through papers in college, struggling through hair in junior high or struggling through the crayons in kindergarten, I hope everyone has a great school year. Don’t cut the kids hair in front of you or cut your own hair. (My sister and I shouldn’t have been allowed to have scissors.) Also, don’t eat the crayons. They really don’t taste that good, although my sister would beg to differ. For you older students, make plenty memories and study hard. You won’t regret it. Also, try not to squint when taking school/sport photos. You will regret that.

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