A southern day in September

Published 11:53 am Friday, August 30, 2013

I’m getting married this month.


Those words feel so strange and unfamiliar coming from my fingertips. The thought is one that has to settle in and be processed. I’m getting married this month. My heart skips every time I type it. Is this really happening? Finally, officially becoming one with my soul mate. I’m basically considered an old maid in the south now, at 25. But, it’s the perfect time – God’s timing. No doubt, He brought Jacob and me together at the best time. He always knows what’s best; even though I doubted Him for so many years – doubted His goodness and provision in bringing me to my mate. He knew what He was doing when He brought me Jacob Smith.

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We complete each other. He’s so humble and easy going; and the other day, he had to tell me to “simmer down, my little redhead.” We’re probably the most opposite people on Earth, but that’s how we compliment each other. God knew what He was doing.


I just hope He holds off the rain for Sept. 28. Everything is steadily coming together for our outdoor wedding. Daddy and Jacob have been working hard on outdoor projects and Mama and I have been getting all the little details together. I didn’t realize how many “little” details went into a wedding, especially when you’re a detail person like me. Bouquets, programs, flower baskets, ribbons, bows, boutonnieres, candles, napkins, favors, centerpieces, music, shoes, hair…. The list goes on and on and on – not to mention, we’re writing our own vows. Deep breath. I can get it all done. I can. I can. When I say, “I,” I really mean Mama and me…and MoMo and Daddy and Jacob. I have good helpers.


The vows won’t be difficult to write, because I love to write and I love him, but Jacob has joked that mine are going to be a book and his are going to be two sentences. Daddy and Jacob pick at me, saying the ceremony doesn’t need to go an hour.


The yard and house are looking beautiful. Mama had a to-do list as big as Texas for my carpenter daddy. He’s poured a sidewalk, built a two-tiered deck and constructed an old-timey “outhouse” over the water tank, complete with half moon and tin roof. Daddy joked that he’s going to announce that “bathroom facilities are to your right” the day of the wedding. That makes me a little nervous, because I can just see someone really believing that’s our toilet. My fiancé’s four-year-old daughter, Paisley, thinks there’s actually a bathroom in there. Hopefully, no toddlers will try to potty on our water tank.


Still to do are my order of some 50 benches for the ceremony. My poor daddy. That hammer hasn’t stopped since I got engaged. Maybe if he wasn’t such a good carpenter.


On Sept. 28, the yard will depict the old south – a Mississippi yesterday, when my grandma picked cotton and Coke floats were everyone’s favorite treat. Magnolias, lace and fiddle music will adorn our home. And I will marry my one, true love.


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