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Hornets split youth games with Yellow Jackets

Enterprise’s junior high boys used a selfish defense to man-handle Loyd Star, collecting turnover after turnover to win the game 42-28 Thursday. The older Yellow Jackets couldn’t do the same, as Loyd Star’s junior varsity squad came out on top 31-21. 

In junior high action, Enterprise’s defense kept the pressure on Loyd Star and prevented them from scoring until the 4:45 mark in the first period. The Jackets continued causing problems for the Hornets and built up a 17-6 halftime lead.

Loyd Star attempted a comeback early in the third quarter, hitting a four-point run to eat into the scoreboard before the Jackets defense stepped up again. Leading 32-26 at the start of the final period, Enterprise’s defense put their feet onto the pedal, showing no signs of backing down. The Hornets gained just two more points to Enterprise’s 10, leaving the young Hornets speechless when the final buzzer sounded on the 42-28 victory.

In the junior varsity game, both teams went back and forth on lead changes until Loyd Star’s defense was able to show up. The Hornets held the Jackets at bay, but only just — Loyd Star led 18-14 at the half.

Enterprise mistakes in the second half allowed Loyd Star to build on their lead, and the Hornets were sat on a comfortable 28-17 lead with around six minutes remaining in the game. Enterprise threw in two more baskets but couldn’t close the distance. Loyd Star tacked on three more for good measure and won the game 31-21.

Story by Dave Linton