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Good Morning Brookhaven! How cold will it get next week?

Although conditions will not make for a snowy day, like the one in December 2017 when a group of students at the Mississippi School of the Arts were able to make a giant snowball, it will still be very cold in the early part of the week after a mass of arctic air plunges into Brookhaven and Southwest Mississippi.

The National Weather Service has issued a freeze advisory for most of the state, which will experience the first round of freezing temperatures for the year.

With low temperatures forecast to be in the lower to mid-20s Monday night into Tuesday morning, a widespread freeze is expected. Significant damage to unprotected vegetation is possible. This freeze should end the local growing season.

Temperatures could drop to as low as 25 degrees when residents wake up Tuesday morning. Wednesday morning lows will be a slight bit warmer but still below freezing, hovering somewhere around 29 degrees.

With sunny skies, high temperatures should reach into the mid 40s on Monday and into the 50s on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, today should be cloudy with a slight chance of a stray shower. For Sunday, more thunderstorms and heavy rain return with up to 2 inches of rainfall possible and a few strong storms in the Pine Belt.