DECISION 2023: Lincoln County Primary Election results, as they happen

Published 7:25 pm Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The following results will be updated as information is made available, beginning after polls close Tuesday, Aug. 8. 

These results are from LINCOLN COUNTY ONLY, unless otherwise specified. Results are unofficial until certified by the Office of the Secretary of State. 


30/30 precincts reporting.

These are totals. Individual precinct totals will be published as soon as possible.




Brandon Presley. 1,301


Lt. Governor

Ryan Grover  1,259


Secretary of State

Shuwaski A. Young. 1,277


State Attorney General

Greta Kemp Martin.  1,274


State Auditor

Larry Bradford.  1,269


State Treasurer

Addie L. Green.  1271


State Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce

Robert “Brad” Bradford Sr.   579

Bethany Hill.  466

Terry Rogers II.   254


State Commissioner of Insurance

Bruce Burton.  1270


District Attorney, District 14

Patrick Earl Beasley.   1303


Supervisor District One

Jerry L. Wilson.   592


Justice Court Judge Post 2

Shane Banks.  852


Justice Court Constable Post 2

Michael C. Harvey.   826






David Grady Hardigree.   447

Tate Reeves.   5367

John Witcher.   1235


Lt. Governor

Delbert Hosemann.  3821

Tiffany Longino.   290

Chris McDaniel.   2972


Secretary of State

Michael Watson.   6765


State Attorney General

Lynn Fitch.   6769


State Auditor

Shad White.   6715


State Treasurer

David McRae.   6735


State Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce

Andy Gipson.   6781


State Commissioner of Insurance

Mike Chaney.   5826

Mitch Young.   1085


Public Service Commissioner Southern District

Nelson Wayne Carr.   3615

Dane Maxwell.   3008


Transportation Commissioner Southern District

Charles Busby.   6653


District Attorney, District 14

Brendon Adams.   3091

Joey Norton.   3900


State Senate 39

Jason T. Barrett.   6749


State House of Rep District 53

Vince Mangold.   2308


State House of Rep District 92

Becky Currie.   4443


Lincoln County Chancery Clerk

Alisha McGehee.   6757


Lincoln County Circuit Clerk

Dustin R. Bairfield.   6798


Lincoln County Coroner

Joseph Honea III.   657

James D. Martin.   1737

Blake William Wallace.   4553


Lincoln County Surveyor

Joe W. Byrd.   6681


Lincoln County Sheriff

Troy Floyd.   1457

Kelly Porter.   1959

Steve Rushing.  3617


Lincoln County Tax Assessor/Collector

Rita Wilkinson Goss.   1268

Marjorie Montgomery.   1039

Blake Pickering.   4778


Supervisor District One

Donnie “Speedy” Hedgepeth.   578


Supervisor District Two

Keith Lewis.   449

Jerry McGehee.   523

Virgil E. Stewart.   188


Supervisor District Three

John David Hart.   646

Ricky Wayne Nations.   729

Brooks Warren.   331


Supervisor District Four

Todd Bowlin.   380

Eli Ferguson.   1218

Calvin Kees.   302


Supervisor District Five

Grady Case.   755

Doug Falvey.   928


Justice Court Judge Post 1

Shelley Harrigill Barron.   1232

Ian Smith.   2754


Justice Court Judge Post 2

Roger Martin.   2879


Justice Court Constable Post 1

Justin Case.   2172

Lance Lewis “Jr.”    1775


Justice Court Constable Post 2

Lavon Boyd.   1126

Kirby Ebbers.  566

Wade Hinshaw.   1331